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by Richard Jeans An IFBB Pro Athlete, Jake Campus is a successful Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Media Personality and Owner / Operator of jcn.co.nz. Eleven years ago Jake began his journey into the bulging, muscular, fake tanned, sacrifice filled, supplement world that is the Fitness Industry. Since then Jake has taken his brand and his name to new heights, yet there is still plenty of fire left in the ripped 6 pack belly of his. At the age of 16, Jake saw his first fitness store and new straight away what he wanted. “I saw a supplement store on a bus ride on a school trip and then walked 1.5 hours there the next day and was in heaven with all the products and magazines!” Jake says. In just over a year into Jake’s new passion, an offer came knocking when he was accepted into the NZ Army cadet school as an Officer. With some big decision to make as  a young 17 year-old, Jake chose to decline when he was offered two scholarships to study his passion Sport Science. From here Jake has gone on to earn himself a Post Graduate degree in Nutrition, Physiology and Muscular-Skeletal Rehabilitation. Working as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, the ‘Jake Campus Nutrition’ brand has a client list (over 1000) as big as his huge muscular arms, and as impressive as his ripped stomach with many high profile NZ clients. The inspiration for healthy eating and food would definitely have to come from Jake’s qualified chef Mother. From here Jake learnt the health value of food and has all the tools in training clients and turning them as well as himself Pro. Jake himself has competed at a high level in various sports, including rugby yet would have to say his highest achievement is securing his IFBB Men's Physique Pro Athlete card. A former Boxer aswell, Jake now 30, believes, “Only do it (your profession) if you truly love it, not for the recognition, or sponsorships. Do it for passion.” Jake works out at Les Mills and Flex Fitness -Hamilton and his eyes set on Mr. Olympia. “I want to be in the top 5 in the world (IFBB Athlete). I want to become a house hold name in NZ and across the world as a nutritionist and continue to help people.”   Jake Campus IFBB Achievements: 2015 IFBB PRO Men’s Physique Olympia Competitor - 16th 2015 IFBB PRO show Dallas Texas PRO - 2nd place 2015 IFBB PRO show Colorado PRO - 2nd place 2015 IFBB PRO show Denis James Classic - 2nd place 2014 NZ Physique Class C winner at NZ Nationals receiving IFBB Pro Card 2014 Arnold Classic Ohio Men’s Physique Class F - 6th 2013 Northland Open Men’s Physique - Overall Winner 2013 Northland Open Men’s Physique Tall - Winner 2013 NZ Nationals Men’s Physique Open Tall – 3rd 2013 Auckland Regionals Men’s Physique Open Tall – 3rd
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