Coming off a US tour and training as hard as ever, former World Champion Susie Q Ramadan is more focused than ever.

Spending two weeks abroad, Susie Q trained at the renowned Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn and went on a meet and greet trip where she managed to sneak in Floyd Mayweather’s last fight vs Andre Berto at the MGM Grand. Ticking off some bucket list items aside, training and networking in the US was a real thrill for Susie and her camp where she says the whole team were received with open arms. “I can’t say who the best person was, as everyone I met was wonderful. The girls in America and at Gleason's Gym work very differently, and they understand the small world of women’s boxing and all work very well together. They have so much respect for fellow champions and female fighters.” Hoping to meet the female fighters and champions again, Susie Q found the whole trip humbling, being recognised by the boxing public and meeting agent Eddie Montalvo. “It was with great pleasure meeting our agent Eddie Montalvo who works very hard and does great work for women’s boxing.” On the other side of the ring, Susie Q met with writer Malissa Smith, a huge advocate for women’s boxing who has penned a book on the history of the sport. author Malissa Smith at Gleason's boxing gym in DUMBO Brooklyn NY (Malissa Smith with her book) On the serious side though ,Susie Q only has time back in the ring in her sights. Training at Burn Boxing and Fitness with trainer Dave Hall in Melbourne’s north, Manager Lynden Hosking of HP Promotions are on the hunt to secure a fight late this year. “If not (this year) I will be fighting early next year and the goal is to capture another world title and to continue to lead the pathway and open doors for other female fighters in Australia.” With her goals clearly set, the STING athlete is training both body and mind to be in the best physical shape possible working with Shermain Wong from Jurmain Health. STING are right behind Susie Q and will be bringing an update on the pugilist as soon as possible.
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