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Become apart of the Sting Family. Enquire about our wholesale prices and have your gym or store stocked with STING gear.

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Have you recently opened a boxing training gym? Are you busily hunting for some boxing equipment to stock in your foyer or attached equipment shop? Then why not go for Australia’s leading provider of boxing gear and equipment?

Since its inception, the Sting Sports brand has become a symbol for superior quality and performance. We specialise in developing and designing exceptional gear for combat sports athletes. Our range of wholesale boxing equipment has also been curated to provide exceptionally developed and high-quality competition-grade gear and equipment for a variety of fight disciplines, ranging from boxing to MMA, Muay Thai and more.

Alongside providing both Aussie and international fighters with the best quality boxing gear,  Sting Sports is also listed as Sting Sports is also proud to be Boxing Australia’s IBA Approved Equipment Supplier since 2016. So when you buy wholesale boxing equipment from Sting Sports, you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Give your fight team the best gear at all the most competitive prices. Enquire about securing wholesale boxing equipment with Sting Sports today.

Why Choose Sting As Your Wholesale Boxing Equipment Provider

As one of only five IBA approved boxing equipment suppliers in the world that are licensed and approved to produce IBA boxing headgear as well as boxing gloves, Sting Sports is the ultimate choice when it comes to securing wholesale boxing equipment. Our range of wholesale boxing equipment includes some of our top-rated IBA-approved boxing equipment, allowing your fight team to be fully equipped for their AOB Elite competitions with minimal fuss.

By purchasing our wholesale boxing equipment, you can also ensure that your boxing beginners, trainers, and professional fighters alike maintain easy access to some of Australia’s most sought after boxing gear and attire.

Contact the Sting Sports team to enquire about securing wholesale boxing equipment for your boxing training gym today.

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