Rinnah Schmid's Top 10 Tips for Success

Facebook profile pic 1. Turn up. It is the simplest thing, but far too often people make excuses about why they can’t put in the daily effort to bring them closer to their goal. You don’t have to do crazy 3-hour sessions twice a day, but you do need to do something that aligns with your goals every single day. This applies whether you’re sick, injured, resting, or you’re just plain busy – there is always something you can do - anything from prepping your meals, a light walk, researching new exercise techniques or even just going to bed earlier to wake up refreshed and ready for the next day. Turn up consistently, and you will always succeed. 2. Shut up. Get in, get it done and get out. If your resistance training workouts are going over 90 minutes and you have done 5 exercises, chances are you have wasted your time talking or slacking off in some capacity. Between sets it’s important to keep your rest time short enough to raise the intensity, but long enough for you to catch your breath and go again. It’s ok to be social at the gym, but don’t forget why you’re training in the first place. 3. Skill up. If you’re ever unsure about how to perform an exercise, or how to eat best to reach your goals, ask. Find a personal trainer or, if your prepping for a show, find a good coach. Don’t take the first coach that comes along - do some asking around and find someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about. The point is, don’t believe everything you’re told. Make up your own mind and be open to new ideas and new approaches. The worst case scenario is that you’ll find out what doesn’t work for you. 4. Eat up. If you’re training intensely and always pushing yourself, you need to eat properly to recover. Just like training, it’s important to eat correctly for your goal. Understand what you’re eating and why you’re eating it (eg: cheesecake, because it’s delicious). Not knowing what you’re eating each day is the easiest way to find yourself spinning your wheels. Track your intake, look at your progress and tweak your nutrition plan accordingly. 5. Mix it up. There is more than one way to shred a body. Try to incorporate a well-rounded approach to fitness, and try new things. I like to do yoga 2-3 times a week. Cardio on a treadmill actually makes me insane, so I’ll always try to do my cardio outside. I also like to train at different gyms with different partners. Nothing helps to keep you motivated more than mixing things up - even if it is just a change of scenery. 6. Rest up. Sleep - do it. You know it’s good for you, and you know how much it helps your body to recover. Turn off Total Divas (or maybe that’s just me) and go to sleep earlier. It’s that easy. 7. Supp up. Supplements are exactly what they say they are - a supplement to your diet and training. Everything from protein powder and multi vitamins to help recover and fill any dietary deficiencies, to pre-workouts to give you that boost when you’re lacking motivation to push harder in your training. 8. Gear up. If you’re serious about training, eventually you will need to invest in some training gear like a weight belt to provide support on heavier lifts. Also, colour coordinating your outfit definitely doesn’t hurt either. Did you know that coordinated outfits actually improve athletic performance by 20%? Now, that’s some Rinnah Schmid science for you! 9. Calm down. Trust the process. If you’re going to try a particular approach to your goal, see it through to the end. The approach you choose might not necessarily work for you, but if you don’t see it through then it definitely won’t work. Repeated effort, day in day out - that consistency is what will get you over the line. 10. Have a goal. The most important element of success is to have a goal. The goal you set for yourself should be achievable, but challenging - and it should also have a set time frame. Tell others about your goal and stay accountable. Everything else – the how, when and where - will fall into place once you have established the “why”. And, once you have committed to your goal, don’t stop until you achieve it. Once success will be all the motivation you need to continue setting and achieving goals - and seeing a better you with every goal accomplished.
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