FitFusion Workouts

Sting are proud to present with FitFusion some uber workouts to help with staying fit over the Winter. Craig and Justin and Sting have exclusively released a Sports Specific Agility, Functional Fitness and BOXHIIT workout session for our Sting fans. Read on and check out the videos have been carefully designed to shred the kilos and help build and maintain muscle. Now before you think well this may just be another workout, think again. " Whether you’re looking to take that first step on your journey to optimal health or, you’re ready to step up the tempo of your current regime, FitFusion will change your attitude towards fitness forever." Fitfusion's ethos surrounds advice and techniques from ex-atheletes so they know what they're on about. The training style is in the name itself. Different aspects from varying professionals are fused together to keep things new, challenging and more importantly fun! With nearly 20 years industry experience Sting caught up with some of the guys who put some 'lucky' participants through their paces. And more importantly we have some awesome workouts listed here and videos to show you just exactly what to do. The ex-professional rugby union players have been battered and bruised over their careers yet with years of experience, Craig and Justin have developed some great workouts for to try next time you're at the gym. The old saying of 'keep the body guessing' could not be truer here. Now I'm not pointing fingers here but a lot of us fall into the old trap of the same workout where a plateau the size of Table Mountain in Cape Town ensues. So enough talking, let's start the doing. Try these workouts -  FitFusion Workout. Now we know you'd like some demonstration so be sure to go to our video gallery here to check out exactly what the boys are talking about. Then let us know! Show us your pictures, write to us, tag us, sing to us if you like.. We can be found on social channels Facebook, @StingSportsInt on Twitter, @stingsports on Instagram and on Youtube. The anticipation is killing us so get those joggers on and get training and get back to us with your results.
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