by Kristyn Lia Season A 2016 is upon us! My social media is filled with an influx of competitors, both seasoned and novice, dieting down to super low levels of body fat for upcoming shows. Facebook reminds me every day of my own Season A from previous years with photos of my own single digit physique daily in my memories. It has been nine months since I last stepped onstage.  Nine months of brutal training and eating in surplus, never missing a session.... never missing a mouthful. No matter how tired or full I may feel. For the first time in years I am not competing in season A. Why? I get asked this all the time. But you look great, and you won last time…. Because everything worth having takes time. I have ambition. I want to compete on a national level... and ultimately would like the opportunity to compete overseas. Furthermore I am crazy enough to believe that I can do it... but it will take work. Lots and lots of hard work. 2016-03-09-07-56-05 Preparation for a show is a long process- sometimes 16 to 20 weeks. Every time you prepare for a show, you give up time that could be spent building muscle. I want to hit the stage bigger, leaner with a more balanced physique. As a natural athlete I am realistic enough to know that if I want to dramatically improve my physique, it will take time. I simply can not put on 5+ LG of muscle in a few months; no matter how hard I train, or how much I eat. I'm not going to lie, I am itching to get back into prep. For me, Season A is my happiest time, there is nothing more exhilarating then preparation for a show. But I am determined and patient. I have a good 7 months to go before I start to diet down again, and I am seeing some really encouraging, measurable results. I am stronger and holding more lean mass then I ever have. Despite having a serious itch to get my stage bikini back on, I am enjoying my off season. I am learning a lot not only about my physical but my mental self. I am still involving myself in the current Season A events and set myself small milestones to keep my mind hungry. Big things to come for this figure athlete!
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