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Your protection is our business. At every level of competition or training, confidence in your protective equipment is a must. The STING range of anatomically designed protective equipment has been carefully designed to meet the high expectations of each and every user.

Our Abdominal and Groin Guards are designed with comfort lining, minimal slip and ample protection allowing you to train with confidence in knowing you won't be stopped in your development. Adjustable straps and sizes will ensure we find a size for you and a style to suit your training or fighting style.

Sparring, competing, or conditioning, STING's core range of Groin Guards and Abdominal Guards are suited for amateurs through to professionals and will protect athletes in Boxing, MMA, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and more.

Whether you’re finishing a round in the ring or practicing to perfect your technique, safeguard yourself with STING and stay focused.