Be confident and comfortable as you defy your limitations with our range of female chest protectors, built for female athletes who seek to dominate both in the ring and out on the gym mats.
Women's Kinetic Chest Protector Sports Bra
Women's Kinetic Chest Protector Sports Bra: Be Confident and comfortable as you dismantle your opponent in the ring or use as a supportive bra top for your high intensity training out of the ring Features: This crop is a medium...
$59.99 $47.99

Our chest protectors are all designed to feature an athletic cut with thick shoulder straps, built to offer maximum support as well as the facilitation of a range of movements, ensuring that you stay comfortable and uninhibited during lengthy training or sparring sessions. The cut of our chest protectors also ensures optimal breathability, meaning you won’t just be free to move, you’ll also be free to move for longer.

All of our female chest protectors also come with removable anatomically moulded cups equipped with foam support. This means that our Sting chest protectors can be both an invisible protective shield during competitions, and also double up as a sports bra when training at the gym. Our Kinetic Chest Protectors are also produced using smooth, flexi-compressive, form-fitting performance material designed for longevity of use.

With their multifunctionality and innovative design, all of our female chest protectors are primed to be your single solution to chest protection both on training days and during competitions. For added body protection, consider pairing your Sting chest protector with a Sting abdominal guard as well as knee and elbow guards.

Like some of our inners and other essentials right here at Sting, our female chest protectors are available in both black and white, to ensure that your selected chest protector matches your other kit essentials. Buy one of each colour to ensure that you’ll always have a chest protector handy in your boxing training bag.

As our female chest protectors also come in three simple sizes, finding your perfect fit will be an effortless endeavour. Shop our full collection of female chest protectors right here at Sting Sports.

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