Aside from the odd article here and there I have never really documented prep before. I am excited to be working with Sting Sports on these weekly posts to show you a more raw and real personal perspective on prep.

Social media provides us a platform in which we can depict who we want to be perceived as. Prep is hardly all perfectly shredded muscles and smiles. That athlete you see winning at life and killing their goals is fighting an incredible self-inflicted battle. One that takes the body and mind to its limits daily. A battle that not many people understand, but one that for some strange reason I love.

The goal of this prep is to come in leaner and a little bit bigger than my last comp in July 2017.  The plan is to hit prep hard initially, so that we can utilise the last 5 to 6 weeks to re-feed into show. I am able to hold my conditioning and mass for a long period and the higher my calories, the harder my physique looks when I am shredded.

I’ve gone into this prep in a state of calm. Things that were worrying me during off season have slipped away and appear insignificant. Work related stresses, am I doing enough for my company, will I be able to train after work, am I well enough rested, am I smashing myself too hard? These things always fall away in prep, like I suddenly detach from my fears and emotions.  I have only one goal and I will do what it takes to get it. There’s no room for any whinging voices in my head, its game on.

In some ways prep makes me resent the things I feel do not ‘fit’ into my life. But just like building the perfect physique, life goals take time and I have my own personal plans in action to take me where I want to be over the coming years.

The first couple of days of this week were ok, my calories dropped to 2800, and I didn’t really notice much difference. Perhaps a little bit more hyper. Day 4 of prep hit me hard, I am starving.. and I haven’t even started cardio yet.. yikes!! I know from previous experience this will be the worst of it. I will get through this week and my body will adapt and as the re-feeds kick in prep looks to be pretty 'cruisey'. So, I embrace the gnawing in my stomach, this feeling is part of what I need to be successful. Exciting times ahead! 

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As part of our focus Fitness this Summer, STING Athlete Kristyn Lia will be publishing "A Bodybuilder's Diary" on her road to the Arnold Classic 2018 in Melbourne.

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