Just like the sport of MMA, Sting MMA gloves are the most versatile glove on the market. Whether it’s using the bag for conditioning, training speed and accuracy on the pads or sparring for fight preparation, Sting MMA gloves have every type of training covered so that the only thing on your mind is your opponent.
Aquila Hybrid Training Glove
• Made from top quality select leather • Multipurpose semi-open palm to suit full combat or cross training • Fist bar for easy, strong hand closure • Slim line gel inserts for flexibility and protection • 2-inch hook and loop...
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MMA Training Glove
Multi-layer mould system absorbs the impact to keep your hands energised Atmosphere airflow system keeps your hands cool and comfortable Reinforced finger design and wrist strap provides added support and a sec
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Our range of MMA sparring gloves have been specifically developed to protect a fighter’s most precious asset - their hands. Whether you’re into casual training or preparing for a match, Sting MMA sparring gloves provide maximum protection, allowing you to deliver maximum force with comfort and confidence. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Our sparring gloves can help you take your training to the next level.
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