by Sarah Monaghan

It’s a question I always get asked, “How do you stay motivated?” My response is always love what you do and have goals. The immediate response is but the gym is so boring. You’re doing it all wrong. Slogging away on a treadmill or sticking to the same old routine is bound to get boring. Grab a gym buddy, or multiple gym buddies, plan a workout with someone, hire a personal trainer once a week to show you new things, join in on the gyms classes, take part in the gyms challenges and most importantly track your workouts so you can work towards beating your PB’s. The gym can be much more than putting your earphones and lifting some weights. It’s funny that when people look at someone that’s fit they immediately ask about the gym however there’s a multitude of things you can do to stay fit and look incredible. Consider taking up a team sport. I played Gridiron for the state for a year and a half and was at the peak of my fitness. Whilst training for Gridiron I also did martial arts and of course was a member at the gym. Mixing up your training will keep you interested and allow you to train more. If you are competitive and love to track progress maybe cross fit is for you. The point I’m trying to get across that your fitness and reaching your goals can extend outside of the gym. Why not have some fun. Goals, if you don’t have a goal what are you working towards?
@saremonaghan @lifegain Sarah Monaghan is a AAA sponsored athlete and owner operator of Lifegain. Sarah is a flat out fitness junkie, health professional and personal trainer and will be writing more very soon. Stay Tuned!!
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