I was fortunate enough to be able to train through my entire pregnancy, still as many sessions per week about 5, cardio most mornings and kept my strength up almost the whole way through. I worked as a PT until about 3 weeks before my due date and continued to run my prep and posing clients yet the reason I chose to continue to train was to feel normal.  Training through pregnancy kept me feeling like my normal self and I retained my energy levels throughout. Despite the funny looks in the gym when I was squatting, I received so much support from people and encouragement! 22-weeks-legs

My diet was initially skewed towards adding in more variety. I tried juicing up all different fruit and veg to get all the nutrients and then just fell back into a clean off-season diet consisting of oats with protein powder, chicken and rice, nuts and yogurt, the occasional muffins and cheat meals of course…Remember I was PREGNANT! Yet the hardest part was avoiding all the foods your not meant to eat whilst pregnant…poached eggs, sushi, rare steak whilst giving up softdrink and coffee; which I’m very excited to admit being able to continue after giving birth. I continued with my supplements of Omegas, Vitamin D, Multi-Vitiamins which was joined by a pregnancy vitamin aswell. All of this I’m sure contributed to the massive 10lb baby we had LOL!


On September 7 after more than 35 hours since being induced and what I can only explain as the most horrific event imaginable, our precious not so little baby girl Charlie Luna-Rose Schmid arrived into the world. After having a breezy pregnancy I feel like I got served in the labour…. I was induced at 41 weeks pregnant, spent the day and night in mild pain, which at the time I thought was unbearable, then had my water broken after about 10 hours of no progression and then boom…the worst pain of my life every 45 seconds. After 5 hours I caved and asked for an epidural (lifesaver)  yet it wasn’t until another 7 hours I was told I needed to be rushed down for an emergency C – Section. Needless to say 1 hour later, our baby had arrived! I knew coming out of a C – Section would have repercussions on my recovery. It was always going to be a bit tough, but I had no idea how much pain I would be in after the operation. I woke up to a swollen belly that I thought looked about 6 months pregnant and very swollen legs and feet, worse then any post comp blowout swelling I’d ever experienced. And I won’t lie, I was pretty bummed out about it! Thinking I would have just had a natural delivery and bounced back like I was in my 20’s but no such luck : ( Straight away I started wearing a compression garment which helped immensely to bring my stomach back down and felt like it gave me some support in that area. But ultimately it took about 4 times longer than I had thought. I know most people would think I’m crazy expecting to be back in shape so soon, but anyone that knows me would know how determined I am. Being told I couldn’t train for at least 6 weeks was tough, but I did start back after 3 weeks with some light cardio.

Rinnah Schmid IFBB Pro

After 6 weeks and an all clear from my doctor I was straight back in the gym YAY! So without training for 8 – 9 weeks and a 6 week old daughter, who by the way sleeps like a trooper, I was able to head back to the gym at nights around 8pm. Did I feel super tired – YES, did the couch look appealing – YES, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy with myself if I didn’t get back in the gym. I have been back training now for 4 weeks and gradually I am increasing my weights again. I have lost all the 14kg I gained during pregnancy and a little extra simply by eating really well and being consistent with my training; four nights of weights and 1 or 2 cardio sessions per week. My goal at this point is to get in great shape, add some more muscle and try to get back on stage mid next year and with my best look!


It won’t be easy and I most definitely have days where I doubt myself, wonder if I will ever get back to where I was or how I will be able to improve, but I will keep trying everyday. If I have learnt anything since being a mum it’s that you make the most of every minute you have…prep your meals while she sleeps, get to the gym when you can even if it’s late at night, shop online and get your groceries delivered, layout your clothes for the next day so you look put together and enjoy every other minute with your precious baby!

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