I have enjoyed my first posing class for the season.. with none other than the AMAZING Mollie Stewart-Gibson (ICN World Figure Champion). She has an incredible physique and amazing stage presence. I am honoured to have her as a posing coach this season! I will be focusing on getting the feet work down pat over the next few months…. My homework is to (unfortunately) wear heels around the office a couple of times per week. So into my bag they go.

Early this week saw me at a point of doubt. I have an abnormally large workload in the first two days and I don’t really want to talk to anyone. Somehow my workplace acts as a stressor on my body image. I look in the mirror and feel like I have put on too much body fat to make it in time. I start comparing photos from my previous comps to see whether I look the same this far out....

Ahhh the mind games of prep, I remember this well!

 All I need is some confidence in the gym. It’s a headphones on world all week as I fall in love with my training and switch on my game face. Prep will be over all too soon and I want it to be a good one! 

I saw an old mate at the gym and he said to me, “You know I am really proud of you. You do what it takes. You’re not there to be average, you are there to win.” His words had a powerful affect on me.

A shift in my mindset happened instantly.

Damn straight! I BELIEVE in myself and I’ll do what it takes to get what I want, no matter what happens to my diet or training. Confidence and self-belief….. Mine! I WILL put up my best ever package on stage in March 2018. To stop me it will have to be a kill shot.


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