The alarm goes off. 5.30am. Cardio, the thought instantly enters my head. It is routine now, there is no emotion attached to the thought. No, “I can’t be bothered”... “I’m tired”.... It is a must. Part of my competition prep plan and I am 100% compliant.

This time is my therapy.

It's my time where I get to plan my day and ground myself before "it" begins. Structure suits me well and I believe it is one of the reasons I am able to be successful in this sport. It is this structure in the final days that holds me together. When nights become sleepless, my body becomes sore, I am hungry and my mind is unclear. The ritualistic routine and structure is my manual for how to survive. There is no room for emotion or doubts. These are emotions which are subjective, and I am strong enough to control them. I know these things are not real and I do not allow them to alter my behaviour towards prep and towards others in any way.

As I approach the big day I find myself becoming more and more excited. I am more social, more active and feel more capable.  I am focused on my goal and do whatever my coach tells me to in order achieve it. My favourite time is when I get to hit the gym, 7 days per week at this stage, at about 5pm. Followed by my second favourite part of the day, the epic post workout carbohydrate meal!

I learn a lot every time I prep. I become stronger mentally and move closer to my goals. I really loved this prep, which continues as I type. Yes it is extremely hard, I am tired, sore and hungry, all the time. But it’s a small price to pay when pursuing your passion, and I am a firm believer that no matter what you are enduring you create your own head space.

You need the mental strength to do so. In this way I do not personally think the sport is for everyone… just like anything you pursue, you have to love it, pain and all.

After taking two years off the stage to improve my physique I successfully competed in my first show of 2017 on May 7th. Standing onstage at 7 kilos heavier and a leaner physique is one of my biggest achievements as a natural athlete. The feeling of being up there is indescribable and addictive. After enduring months and months of suffering I was finally there, presenting my best package to date. Over a week later I am still on a high from it all.

Kristyn Ashley Competing in May, 2017


And it’s not even my final form. I have some very exciting plans for the rest of the competitive year and challenging my physique in different ways than before. I’m not giving away too much at this stage but let’s just say that the next few months are going to be EPIC! Stay tuned ;)


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Krystin Lia is a Natural Bodybuilder from Victoria and can be followed on INSTAGRAM @krissy_with_gunz

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