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Times are tough but Aussies are tougher.

We’re not going to let anything stand in the way of our goals and our training. If you can’t beat em, get a bigger stick… or in this case start a home gym. STING takes the mystery out of setting up your home gym. Whether you’re a Rookie up-start ready to give boxing a try, a seasoned veteran who wants to carry on with their gym training at home or maybe you’re a family who wants to train together? STING has tailored packages to suit your needs.

See something you don’t need? Not a problem ,You can remove it from the package at the cart section. Maybe you need an extra pair of gloves or a skipping rope? Not a problem, our STING home gym packages are completely customisable and the more you buy the more you save.

Up to 20% OFF - No excuses, only solutions. Shop now.

Looking to ease your way into starting your own home gym with quality products?
The Rookie is the right package for you.

Armaplus quality gloves in black with gold trim matched with our Super Series bag in a striking red colour will set you on the path to victory.

“Victorious Warriors win first and then go to war.
Defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
- Sun Tzu

No days off, that’s why The Warrior keeps training. The Warrior packs all the training essentials. Bag, gloves, wraps, ropes and balls.
A great value setup packed with quality hardware to keep you punching, skipping, ducking and weaving all year long. Send it!

A couple that trains together, slays together.

Keep yourself and your better half healthy and in shape with the Power Couple Setup. The Power Couple setup includes wraps, mitts and gloves for two, our high end Viper skipping rope, Super Series punching bag and floor to ceiling ball. Partner training has never been easier.

Keep fit and in budget with the competitively priced Power Couple home gym setup.

You’re a family on the go.

It’s hard to coordinate group exercise as a family, until now.

The Fam Bam home gym packs in everything you need to keep your family fighting fit.

Unbelievable value for money, and everything you would ever need for that circuit training experience right at home. The Fam Bam pairs up Quick Wraps, focus mitts, adult and junior gloves, rope, bag, ball and shield with a whopping 15% OFF with a saving of over $100 off RRP.

Train like a pro.
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or super serious about your training, the Pro Pack holds no punches.

We have upped the ante and thrown in high end mitts, and gloves, premium bag, speed ball and floor to ceiling balls with a shield for those at home coaching sessions. We have even thrown in mounting hardware for the speed ball along with a very attractive 17% off for a total saving over $220.

If the phrase “No compromise and only the best will do” strikes a chord with you then the Pro Pack Plus is the home gym package for you.

The Pro Pack Plus packs STING premium boxing gear into an easy one click package that includes literally everything but the ring.

Top of the line Viper Focus mitts for when you want a training session with friends or family, high end Titan gloves, Viper Rope, Panama bag, floor to ceiling ball not to mention speed-ball with platform and wall bracket, with uppercut bag shield and professional round timer.

Say goodbye to using your phone to time your sessions this is the real deal. What else do we need to say?

You know you’re the boss. Send it.