by Kristyn Lia

I look in the mirror at my freshly tanned skin and strike a pose. I'm nervous and excited. I hope I do not look out of place tomorrow. I hope I am not too small or too soft. I know I am not, but I cannot shake the image out of my head of the competitor I was 2 years ago and replace it with the competitor I am today.

Tomorrow I step onstage and compete as an IFBB Figure competitor. What was I thinking? I know everyone will be amazing! It is after all the IFBB! I suddenly felt small.... Like nothing.

Are you kidding me? You have not missed a session or meal in 2 years.. you have prepped like a boss! Just as hard as anyone else and you of all people deserve to step up there! You have earned it and you will not dishonor your efforts with doubt! Battle won!

I slept really well that night.  The first time ever before a show. I had spent the final prep week the way I liked it. I didn't deplete or cut carbs and I lifted heavy up until the day of the show. I was feeling really good and looking my best when I arrived at the venue.

My bikini was stunning and as I disrobed and started posing with my coach, the bikini girls in the dressing room stared and commented in awe.

I was very shocked and humbled. I looked in the mirror and saw an IFBB Figure competitor starring back at me. Shredded and muscular.

This was me. This was where I belonged.

I walked onto that stage and felt like it was made for me. The other girls were all incredible as predicted and I did not care if I came dead last. I wanted to see if I fit the federation and get the feedback from the judges.

I nailed my routine and was honoured by a 2nd placing in the Novice Figure! I also got to compete next to Janet Kane! 3x Miss Olympia!  She was just awesome!

I loved it so much I made a rash decision to compete again the following week at the IFBB Bendigo Classic. I did not want this feeling to end so quickly! Not having to deplete or change my training made this very easy. The event and tanning was run so well that I wasn't put under any stress on the day.

Sting Athlete Kristyn Lia
Kristyn Lia, August 2017


The Bendigo Classic bought even better results for me. I was looking tighter and much more relaxed onstage. And to my absolute shock I walked away with 2nd in the Open Figure division! I have had feedback from a few judges and they seemed genuinely impressed with my physique and posing and encouraging for me to continue competiting.

What a terrific result to the hard work I've put in over the past two years! To me it is perfect.

Now even bigger avenues have opened to me and I am already in prep for my next show...  to be continued ;)

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