IMAGE - British Lionhearts WSB Boxer Josh Reynolds

We have some exciting news!!

The United Kingdom will be the next market for STING to penetrate as its operations begin to get established over the coming months.

With a successful partnership with USA Boxing in full swing, STING's official AIBA licensee reputation will leads the business' charge into the U.K. market which has enjoyed sponsorships of AIBA's (International Boxing Association) World Series Boxing and AIBA Professional Boxing.

With only months until the World Championships, STING's services will now be available to the U.K. and Europe with our new range of amateur and professional boxing equipment.

Leading STING's business operations will be Corporate Sales Manager Joshua Watson, whose expertise in business development and partnerships is ready to turbo charge STING's brand potential.

"It's (U.K.) a huge market, our premium product has excited so many people in the industry already with comments along the lines of a never before seen glove technology and design." Watson said.

STING CEO Amir Anis said, "We believe in our product and know people want a great product that's affordable. We've been developing this new range for 12 months now and we're ready to pull the trigger."

More news to come.

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