The all important reason why Boxing gloves are used are to protect your hands during competitions, sparring or training. Different gloves are used for various training activities. There are three main types of gloves: competition or fight gloves, sparring gloves and training gloves.

 So when you do train, the various activities require a broad performing glove and it's here we tell you what training gloves are.

 Training gloves, also sometimes known as bag gloves, are for hitting punch bags and other boxing training aids that are not  a sparring partner. Squarer in shape and different in mould, training gloves protect you and not what you are hitting.

As with any form of Boxing, all gloves should be used with hand wraps. Training gloves are created with enough padding to protect your hands against scrapes and contusions and to keep your knuckles and thumb safe. In addition, they are designed in a way that reduces the transfer of impact forces into your body so as to prevent hand injuries.

 A single pair of training gloves should not be used for both bag-work training and sparring. Each pair should be used for one or the other. This is because punch bags have the tendency to roughen the punching surface of the gloves, causing them to fall apart faster. Therefore, it is not advisable to spar with your training gloves as it is not safe and may lead to abrasions on your opponent.

 Like other types of gloves, training gloves come in various shapes and sizes ranging from those weighing 8 oz up to 20 oz. To determine the type of gloves to buy, we look at our weight. Below outlines the size of training gloves recommended for different body weights: 

  • 8 oz – 10 oz: Commonly used by competitive boxers or very light weight Boxers
  • 12 oz – 14 oz: Usually for people weighing 55kg (120lbs) and below
  • 14 oz – 16 oz: Usually for people weighing between 55kg (120lbs) to 65kg (150lbs)
  • 16 oz – 20 oz: Usually for people weighing between 65kg (150lbs) to 75kg (180lbs)
  • 18 oz and above: Usually for people weighing 75kg (180lbs) and above


Normally, it is recommended to those just starting out to begin training with a 12 oz training glove. You can gradually increase the weight of your gloves to increase intensity and endurance in your training.

 When choosing a pair of gloves, use these helpful hints:

  1. Ensure a snug fit so that there is not much room inside for your hands to move around, thus reducing the risk of injuries.
  2. Remember to leave room for hand wraps.
  3. Choose leather gloves because they are of higher quality and are more durable.

 Lastly, always remember to try the gloves on before buying them.

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