Similar to other sports, boxing also has its own set of gear and equipment. Yet in terms of equipment it sometimes can be confusing to know what to get and why. So here is a comprehensive list of all the boxing gear you will need, but bear in mind that not all are necessary especially when you are just starting out.



Firstly, you need the right apparel for your boxing workouts. Chances are you already have most of the attire sorted, i.e. T-shirts, socks, shoes and shorts. However, when it comes to boxing training, boxing shorts are very much ideal as they provide maximum comfort and allow complete freedom in your movements. Some boxing gyms even have a rule which requires everyone to wear boxing shorts. Boxing shorts are durable and lightweight, allowing you to move better.


Hand Wraps

Your hands are your main weapon. You need to protect them from damage, injury and even fractures. The best way to do this is by using hand wraps. Hand wraps are pieces of specially made cloth / cotton that you wrap around your hands to protect and support your hands. Don’t underestimate hand wraps! They actually offer more protection than you think. Furthermore, hand wraps help to provide maximum performance during training and competition. There are various kinds of wraps; some are elasticised so your hands can flex smoothly, and some are cushioned with gel for advanced shock protection. Hand wraps also act as a barrier in between your gloves to absorb blood and sweat.

Head Guards

Head Guards are essential if you plan to spar. It too is important to opt for one that is going to last a long time - REMINDER leather is important! This is because your opponent’s strikes can wear down the head guard inflicting scrapes and cuts on your head and face. Head Guards safeguard your head from soft tissue damage and help avoid injury from being struck. Although wearing a Head Guard will not protect you from a direct blow in the nose (although this one will), it still helps by minimising the injury. There are also different types of Head Guards ranging from minimal protection to those that envelope your entire face.

Mouth Guard

If you are sparring with a partner, you must own a mouth guard. Simple, no questions asked. You don’t want to be spitting teeth out, or bleeding from your mouth. A mouth guard protects your mouth, gums, teeth and jaw so that less damage is done to your brain during impact.

Groin Guard

Another essential body protector is the Groin Guard (for men). This item is not something you want to save your money on. Without it, you are putting your health at risk and you may suffer a lot of pain. Therefore, you should definitely invest in one that is of high quality. Generally these are leather with hard protective cup encased with foam and a soft lining to provide comfort when worn.

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