Professional boxers know that although our hands are capable of exerting a massive amount of force, the small joints and bones that make up the structure of our hands still need to be protected from fractures and other musculoskeletal injuries that may arise from repetitive, forceful punching. This is where boxer tape comes into the picture.
Performance Sports Tape
Professional Grade Boxing Fight Tape. 1 Inch  wide to be used across Athletes and Fighter's hands and fingers. 10 Metre Roll with super stick adhesive war tape. White colour to abide by Elite and Professional AIBA Competition rules and regulations....
Pro Fight Gauze
A Professional Fighter Deserves Professional Protection Premium select 100% Cotton Boxing Fight Gauze 2 Inches wide (50mm) x 10 yards (9 metres) Extra thick, extra protective for comfort, coverage and protection. Complies with all professional boxing sanctioning bodies Contact us...

Boxing Tape For Hands

Boxing tape for your hands should be an essential accessory in your kit. There should ideally be no training or gym session where you don’t have access to boxing tape for your hands, especially if you engage in regularly intense sparring sessions. Even beginner boxers may find that their hands feel sore when they’re getting to grips with new movements and performing increasingly complicated combos. Boxer tape can ensure that your hands stay safe from injuries that may potentially set you back in your training. If you’re looking to source boxer tape in anticipation of an upcoming competition or tournament, our range of boxer tape here at Sting comes only in white specifically to abide by Elite and AIBA Competition rules and regulations. We ensure that all of our boxing tape is to a professional grade. Being 1 inch wide, our boxing tape is for hands and fingers as well, and can be used by boxers from any background to ensure total protection during intense sparring or training sessions. Browse our complete collection of boxer tape right here at Sting today to ensure that your boxing kit is ready for training at any level of intensity.