Tired of all the bruises you have from training? It’s time to invest in a good-quality boxing body shield and body pad that’s built to last. At Sting Sports we know how physically demanding boxing training is, that’s why we’ve designed and developed body pads that can withstand the brute force and demands of developing fighters. Looking for something else? Browse our complete fighting coaching equipment or protective gear category.

Viper Training Body Protector
Passionate trainers demand the best Boxing equipment for the job. The VIPER TRAINING BODY PROTECTOR takes all of the punishment you throw at it. The sole purpose is to provide comfort and protection for the wearer whilst your athlete is...
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Armaplus Thai Kick Pads
• High performance T3 outer skin • Panama side panels for increased strength and durability • Quad Core fusion system for strike energy management and increased performance • Heavy duty grip bar • Adjustable forearm straps for easy, customised fit
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Boxing Body Belt

Made with high-density micro performance leather, this sturdy material will make sure no punches, kicks, or knees get through during training sessions. Our boxing body shields and body pads are also designed with air pocket strike areas which assist in dissipating the force of contact blows, so you can train freely without having to hold anything back. If you want to be prepared for the day-to-day beatings that come with training, then these body protectors and kick pads are designed exactly for you. And with their quick release buckles and adjustable straps at the shoulders, you can make sure our boxing body shields contour perfectly to your body. Whether you’re working with serious athletes or gym clients, Sting Sports boxing body protectors and body shields are a must-have in any training space. Our equipment has been specifically designed to help reduce pain and injury for those who love to train hard. If you want a product that will not only protect your body but also make training fun, you’ve found it here. So if you’re ready to take your training and fitness journey to the next level, shop our range of boxing body shields and body belt’s online now!
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