Safety is key both in and out of the ring, which is exactly why mouthguards are considered to be an essential accessory for every dedicated boxer, MMA fighter, and other athletes of all stripes.

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Protector bucal deportivo Power Gel 1 review
Protector bucal deportivo Power Gel
Material superior con revestimiento de gel infundido con cualidades de absorción de alto impacto Material de doble capa con EVA y TPE. Espesor de material específico para deportes de contacto de 8 mm Totalmente personalizable mediante el método de hervir...

Sting Mouthguards

Here at Sting Sports, we believe athletes of all ages, builds, and backgrounds should have access to reliable and cost-effective mouthguards. That’s why our signature power gel mouthguard here at Sting is available in two sizes: adult and junior. Using the boil and bite method, our mouthguards are also fully customisable to ensure all fighters have access to tailor-made mouthguards that aren’t accompanied by a premium price tag. Not familiar with boil and bite? All of our gel mouthguards also come with clear user instructions to make sure that the fit of your mouthguard can be achieved with minimal fuss. Our Sting mouthguards perform at their best when closely fitted to your teeth and gums. When fitted correctly, our mouthguards are guaranteed to provide optimal gum protection as well as facilitate easy breathing. With a contact sports-specific thickness of 8mm, our mouthguards are designed to ensure the ultimate protection for all teeth both during intense competitions and when you’re sparring with friends. The gel-lined upper material of our mouthguards also ensures your Sting mouthguard is primed for high impact shock absorption, meaning the impact of blows made to your lower face will also be minimised alongside keeping your teeth and gums free from injuries or damage. Looking to find a mouthguard that’s guaranteed to be your perfect fit? Get a closer look at our Sting mouthguards below.
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